Conditions of Use

  • Agram TIS d.o.o., PIN: 99681708224, business unit Agram Club, Zagreb, Radnička cesta 180, (hereinafter: the Club), when performing its registered activity of sports and recreational content, processes the personal data of users. The Club is responsible for the adequate protection of personal data and as such adheres to all legal norms on the processing, protection, confidentiality, handling and storage of personal data.
  • We process the personal data processed in the manner and to the extent defined in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, finding a legal basis for the processing of your personal data in the relevant provisions of the relevant regulations.
  • We collect and process your data for the following purposes: • Taking action before, during and for the purpose of fulfilling the membership agreement:
    • personal data that we need in order to provide you with accurate and complete information about our services and to make an adequate offer in accordance with your needs
    • personal data that we exchange with each other over the duration of the membership contract at your or our request in order to change the elements of the contract or changes in the use of services for the purpose of accuracy and timeliness of all necessary data
    • personal data for the purpose of fulfilling obligations under the membership contract on our or your part when collecting membership fees/registration fees, registration and processing of requests for exercising user rights, notifications sent by us during the contract, expiration, renewal or termination of the membership contract. • Along with the stated purposes of collection and processing, we have the right to process your data for the purpose of our legitimate interests unless your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms take precedence. We find our legitimate interest in processing your data in the following cases:
      • prevention and detection of fraud and other criminal offenses
      • processing of personal data necessary for the purposes of direct marketing of the Club (notifications on expirations of membership agreements, commercial promotions, new products and services, modification of existing products and services) and for market research purposes.
  • We process the following personal data required for the above purposes:
    • data required for identification: name and surname, address of residence/stay, delivery address, day, month and year of birth,PIN, name, number and place of issuance of identification document, telephone number, e-mail address
    • data on possible health problems or consumption of risky medication
    • data on membership in certain interest organizations/corporations and data on disability, which the Club will process as personal data that you have obviously given and notified us of solely for the purpose of obtaining certain benefits when signing a membership contract.
  • We collect personal data on the basis of the use of video surveillance, your statement or insight into your documents/identification, or by taking a copy of documents/identification when prescribed by law or an internal act.
  • We may disclose your information to the following categories of recipients as needed, but only for the purposes stated:
    • Service providers who provide us with assistance or support in the services we offer you (companies or associates with whom we have a business cooperation agreement, delivery services, technical service providers, financial institutions).
    • Public and legislative authorities upon request or other competent authority for the purpose of sending reports or fulfilling other legal obligations when the law prescribes the obligation to send such information.
    • All recipients of your data respect appropriate technical and protective measures to ensure the protection of your rights.
    • Personal data will be stored in the prescribed places and will be stored for as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was processed. All personal data collected and processed may be withdrawn from processing at your request unless there is a legal obligation on the part of the Club or a legitimate interest (e.g. litigation) for longer storage.
    • If you withhold certain information from us, we will not be able to meet our legal or contractual obligations, which will result in the inability to enter into a contract or the inability to fulfill a contractual obligation.
    • The processing of your personal data is carried out within and/or outside the European Economic Area in compliance with all protective and organizational measures. The manner and purpose of data collection and processing are explained in detail in the documents Privacy Policy and Video Surveillance Policy, and are available at our reception.
    • Your personal data will be the subject of automated processing on the basis of which, if necessary, your user profile will be created for the purpose of analyzing services and realized rights and improving the quality of the business relationship.

You can exercise your rights at the Club’s points of sale by submitting a written request to the e-mail address or on site at the Club’s address – c/o the Personal Data Protection Officer, Radnička cesta 180, Zagreb. They are:

  1. the right to access data
  2. the right to correct and supplement data
  3. the right to limit automated data processing (if applicable)
  4. the right to transfer or delete personal data (if applicable)
  5. the right to refuse consent to processing personal data for marketing purposes
  6. the right to file an objection or complaint about the processing of personal data.

A request form for the effectuation of any of your listed rights is available at the Club reception.

All your requests and complaints will be resolved in accordance with legal regulations and within the prescribed deadlines, and no later than 30 days from the date of receipt, after we unequivocally establish your identity.

When submitting your request, the Club will, after an indisputable determination of your identity, prevent illegal data processing.

If you are not satisfied with our decisions and feel that your rights have been violated, you can contact the Agency for Personal Data Protection, Selska cesta 136.

  • Contact information for the Personal Data Protection Officer:
  • Tel.: +385 1 700 26 36
  • e-mail:

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