Agram Club is unique in this part of Europe-

Health means a lot of things for us. Being healthy isn’t just feeling good physically and emotionally, but also living an active, fulfilled, relaxed and balanced life. Agram Club exists for your health at all levels. In order to optimally achieve full potential, the Club’s space, content, and exclusive services are only available to club members.

Why join?

In many ways, our daily lives drain our energy, stress us out, and throw us off our natural balance. Come to Agram Club to renew your energy and balance, and return to your natural state and best version of yourself. If you’d like to engage in recreational sports, get back in shape, find your oasis of peace, treat yourself to superb care and treatments, or all of the above, you’ll find the ideal surroundings with us. Become a member and feel all the possibilities of improving your quality of life in one place.

Membership duration

Membership can last one year, six months, or three months.

Designated parking and garage

All of our members have access to underground garage with a capacity of 220 parking spots.

Are you interested?

Send us a request and treat yourself to membership in an exclusive club that offers a fantastic experience at all levels, whether it’s regular sports team building, individual training and treatments, or just relaxing from the challenging daily grind.