We believe every one of us has what it takes to achieve balance of mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

Led by the vision of health, a happier and better-quality life, we aim to create a unique, completely different experience and memory for each and every one of you. Let us listen to you and work together to create your own, better world of pure health and enjoyment.

Let us lead you to change.

Located in the heart of Zagreb’s business zone, Agram Club is an exclusive and completely different complex built on the idea of a holistic approach to health that offers a unique combination of sports and fitness content with fantastic wellness & spa and beauty services.

Whether you’re a recreational athlete, beginner or professional athlete, or you’d simply like to relax from the stress of daily life, Agram Club, as a combination of sports, entertainment and relaxation in one place offers a holistic solution that can contribute to the quality of your life and improve your health. Make some time for yourself and enjoy the unique ambiance of Agram Club.