Harmony of body and mind, awakening the senses, relaxing and detoxing the body are essential needs for every one of us. Satisfy your needs in the luxurious surroundings of our Spa World and treat yourself to the treatment you deserve.

25 m


For a superb swimming workout and relaxation, it’s important to be able to move freely and unrestrictedly.



A unique ambiance and pleasure for all the senses.



Sometimes relaxed lounging is the best activity we can give to our body that is exhausted from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

25-meter pool

Swimming is one of the healthiest activities for your body. It strengthens all your muscle groups and cardiovascular system at the same time, regulates blood pressure, and increases lung capacity. After swimming, refresh yourself at the Vital Bar and rest your body and soul in its relaxing ambiance.

wellness & spa

From the sauna to the jacuzzi, everything here is provided for your relaxation and senses


After every use of the warm sauna, the body needs to cool down. Help yourself to crushed ice from the ice fountain for a massage which will encourage circulation and a quick body detox. After an icy massage, you’ll enjoy total muscle relaxation.


After staying in the Nordic relax zone, enjoy the waterbeds.


Bathing in the jacuzzi in the Agram Club Spa Zone is a completely different experience than in a classic pool. The water, which is warmer than pool water, combined with water and air jets relaxes the body and mind, and creates a unique ritual.


At Agram Club, just showering becomes a unique experience. Adjust the shower jet to your wishes, relax with the light effects and enjoy with all your senses.

VIP spa

A pleasant and intimate space is needed for a perfect wellness experience.

The special VIP zone, a luxurious wellness for two, exudes such an ambiance. Enjoy the pleasure of complete privacy and discretion with your partner or chosen company.

Private ritual

60 min.

  • finnish sauna
  • jacuzzi
  • shower experience
  • warmed waterbed
  • spa snack
  • champagne

Luxury ritual

90/120 min.

  • spa ritual
  • sauna peeling
  • duo massage
  • champagne
  • spa snack


Enjoy the warmth, aromas and water rituals and discover a new level of wellness experiences.

finnish sauna

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The minimalistic design of the dry wooden room is ideal for those who enjoy the Finnish tradition of saunaing at the highest temperatures.



80-100° C


up to 10 %

air humidity

Water is occasionally poured over the stones on the furnace so that the steam from the hot stones humidifies the room and encourages the body to sweat more. Staying in a Finnish sauna is relaxing, stimulates circulation, reduces muscle tension and encourages body detoxification.

Optimal time in the room: 15 minutes, with a maximum of 3 visits with cooling and relaxing between visits.

bio-aroma sauna

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The bio-aroma sauna is a perfect choice for those who find the Finnish sauna too hot and the steam bath too humid. For an added experience, the air is enriched with relaxing aromas.







The temperature of the sauna is achieved by heating a combined electric stove that releases steam and produces a pleasant semi-arid climate.

The bio-sauna is especially recommended for relaxing and helping treat chronic ailments of the skeletal-muscular and respiratory system.

The optimal time spent in the bio-sauna is 10-15 minutes with a maximum of 3 visits and cool-downs and relaxation between visits.


himalayan infrared sauna

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Those who would like to try a completely different sauna experience can find it in the Himalayan sauna based on infrared rays.

up to 30






Heat in the sauna is created with the help of light and it directly heats the body, without heating the air. The therapy penetrates deeply into the body and it is used to soothe the effects of rheumatism and muscle tightness. It is also often used for cosmetic purposes since it improves the effectiveness of many skin treatments.

Himalayan salt increases the flow of oxygen to the brain and reduces headaches, circulatory dysfunction, insomnia and stress, and respiratory issues.

Infrared rays are also used as therapy for medically treating the effects of rheumatism, muscle tension, and similar pains.

You can stay in the Himalayan infrared sauna once and the session lasts up to 30 minutes.

aroma steam bath

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Also known as a Turkish bath, the sitting or lounging room with mild temperatures is also acceptable for even the most sensitive visitors. The air is enriched with a high concentration of essential oils.



45-50° C


100 %


The ideal combination of heat radiating from the walls and benches and the high humidity of the air in the steam bath causes the body to gently perspire, which improves the elimination of toxins.

In the steam bath, the body sweats and loses moisture, but also rehydrates through open pores, which has a fantastic effect on skin. Due to its gentle temperatures, it’s also acceptable for those who have issues with their cardiovascular system.

The optimal time spent in aroma steam bath is from 10 to 20 minutes, with a maximum of 3 visits and cooling off and relaxing between visits.

Vital bar

Sometimes we want to be active, and sometimes we just want to – relax. Immerse yourself in the relaxing ambiance of our Vital Bar and treat yourself to a juicy smoothie.



For a pleasant stay in the Spa Zone, absolute peace is required. Respect the rules of behavior, other guests, and their need to relax.

Arrival at Agram Club

Please plan your treatments and make reservations for them on time. Come to your appointment 30 minutes early in order to properly prepare for your treatment.

Respect your health

If you have certain health issues or are pregnant, please notify the Agram Club employees of that in advance. All Spa Center facilities are to be used at your own risk.


We ask to please follow the hygienic guidelines before and after using all facilities and services.


The treatments you have chosen have been reserved just for you. We ask you to notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you would like to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Otherwise, you will be charged the full price of the treatment.

Agram Club clothing

Upon every arrival, you have the right to use a towel, robe, and slippers. If necessary, Agram Club employees will also provide you with suitable undergarments, bearing your intimacy in mind. After use, please leave the clothing, robes, and towels you received in the spot designated for them.

Private belongings

Put all valuable items away in the locker rooms. Agram Club is not responsible for any lost items.

Use of the sauna

Before using the sauna, read the rules for use in the House Rule Guidelines, or ask the Agram Club employees for advice.