Give your body the attention it deserves and take your senses to a state of Zen.


50 / 80 min.

Treat yourself to deep relaxation in every sense of the word. The relax is a gentle, but also deep full-body massage. Various warm aromatic oils are used in the massage for an additional sense of pleasure and achieving inner peace and balance.

deep tissue

50 / 80 min.

Release tension and improve mobility. With a reflexive approach, the deep tissue massage stimulates the entire body and soothes aching areas with a combination of massage cream and aromatic oils. The treatment stimulates the metabolism and soothes neck and back pain.


30 / 50 / 80 min.

Strengthen your body, relieve muscle tension and boost your energy. The sports massage is completely adjusted to your needs, wishes, and physical fitness. It prepares you for athletic activity and decreases possibility of injury. If you choose to have a massage after playing sports, it makes you more flexible, diminishes exhaustion and decreases muscle tension.


50 / 80 min.

Feel the holistic experience of a massage adapted to you. The Holistic massage combines various massage techniques and is individually adjusted to your needs in order to give you total pleasure and relaxation.

relaxing rituals

Traditional relaxing Nordic rituals are adapted to care and senses.

Choose Northern Stillness for relieving stress or the Cupping Ritual for awakening the body.

northern stillness

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  80 min.

Relieve stress, rest, and find total relaxation.

  • a mindful back massage
  • a body wrap
  • a light body mask
  • a Nordic scalp ritual

cupping ritual

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  110 min.

Cleanse, renew, and awaken the body.

  • detox peeling
  • Nordic detox massage
  • cupping

nordic bathing ritual

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  60 - 120 min.

We introduce you to the magical tradition of Nordic bathing with a special ritual that starts with meditation.

Alternating visits to the sauna and cold baths are a centuries-old Scandinavian tradition. The Nordic bath enables body detox, relaxes muscles and stimulates circulation.

The ritual starts with meditation.
Prepare the skin with a spa-brush peeling.
Warm up the body in a Finnish sauna.
Cool down with an ice bath and shower.

Relax completely on the heated relax waterbeds.

The Nordic bathing ritual is designed for groups of up to 10 people. For more information and reservations, speak to the employees at the Spa Center reception.


facial treatments

The care, hygiene and beauty of our skin – they are pieces of the puzzle that make up the entire image we have of ourselves.

deep cleansing facial

80 min.

Deep cleansing facials are amongst the most famous and most done facial treatments in the world with reason. They offer revitalization and deep skin cleansing. After a careful skin analysis, skin is deeply cleansed and a beneficial serum is applied. The treatment is suitable for all skin types and is based on an individual approach, and products are selected in accordance with the skin type in question.

anti-age facial

50 / 80 min.

The treatment effectively renews, refreshes, and rejuvenates the facial skin. The skin is deeply hydrated, nourished, and it stimulates the production of collagen, the natural substance responsible for the appearance of youthful, radiant and taut skin. Superb quality products adapted to your skin type are used in the treatment.


50 / 80 min.

Such treatments are adapted to skin care for men and are especially dedicated to preventing the aging of skin. They are based on increasing the production of collagen, a natural substance in skin that is responsible for a youthful look. Each treatment is adapted to the type of skin in question, and masks, serums, and creams from Sothys, an exclusive French brand, are used.


50 min.

Microdermabrasion is a treatment aimed at the regeneration of your skin. It is effectively used for reducing wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and keratosis, but also for solving issues with acne and acne scars.


50 /15 min.

The ultrasonic vibrating waves that travel through the spatula-shaped probe soften the skin and increase the activity and permeability of cells with triple-action deep cleansing.


10 min.

The use of a hot-cold hammer speeds up the metabolism of the skin and stimulates the oxygen supply of cells. The treatment decreases pore size and oiliness of the skin, tightens the face and neck, decreases the chin and shapes the neck.


15 min.

Sonophoresis is a treatment where micro vibrations and ultrasonic energy enable faster and deeper penetration into the molecular tissue of the active substances applied to the skin.

beauty rituals

The secret to a healthy and youthful appearance lies in regular care and beauty rituals.


Choose the perfect care for your hands and feet from the wide selection of our treatments. Maintain the nourished and youthful appearance of the skin of your hands and give your feet a treatment that will make your every step softer and more comfortable.


Besides classic hair care and hairstyles, our offer includes exclusive treatments. Choose the Royal Nordic Ritual or Micro mist treatment creating an ultrasonic mist and returning hair to its natural state at a low temperature to give it incredible flexibility and shine.


Depilation with wax and strips efficiently extracts hairs from the root. The procedure is very quick, and the result is long-lasting – the skin remains smooth to the touch, and it takes longer for hair to grow back.


If you’d like to tan before going to the beach or maintain a tanned complexion all year long, you will find the most modern and absolutely safe technologies at Agram Club, with which you are sure to easily achieve the desired results.

Before tanning, you need to shower and remove all makeup. It’s recommended that you also have a skin peeling to remove dead cells and tan evenly.

For the first few visits it’s not recommended to tan for longer than 6 to 8 minutes.

Make sure to protect your eyes, and after tanning use creams or lotions to nourish your skin and prolong your tan.
We recommend you wait at least three days before visiting the tanning salon again. Once you achieve your desired tan, it can be maintained by visiting the tanning salon once a week.